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The After Midterms “Academic Comeback”

Students know all too well the mixed emotions that come after midterms. Some students feel burnout, while others are ready to get back to work. All students have new classes which means new teachers, new classmates, and more or less work then they had last semester.

Going from gym to civics or computer science to health is a big switch. Many feel like it is hard to adjust to their new classes, while others feel a heavy weight off of their shoulders.

“I went from taking sociology and psychology to taking computer science and study hall, the workload is way easier now that I have a study hall,” said junior Matt Silva.

A lighter schedule makes for a lighter workload, setting students up for an “academic comeback.” It is especially easier for those who now have a study hall after being conditioned to doing all of their homework on their own time. A study hall for a high school student is like a saving grace, even more so if they are taking more challenging classes in the new semester. 

Students may feel burnout after enduring several days of rigorous studying and test taking. It can be difficult to motivate oneself to learn new things after spending hour upon hour memorizing months worth of coursework. 

“I thought I was going to make an academic comeback after midterms, but school just told me ‘no’,” said sophomore Zeinab Saleh. 

Even worse, year round classes are all starting new topics. This can be a fresh start for some, but for others it is like a punch to the gut. Forcing all the knowledge you just memorized for midterms out the window so consume the new topics can be consumed.

“All my classes really cranked it up; we are working double time,” said junior Ava Naclerio.

Now is the time for students to “lock in” and give their full effort and attention to their classes so they do not slip behind. An “academic comeback” is definitely easier said than done.

But, there are resources to help students during these challenging times. Visiting the math lab, Woodland Worldwide (Tuesdays and Thursdays after school), or simply asking your teacher for extra help can assist you in elevating your game. 

Strive for that academic comeback, and grades just might get boosted.

Julia Dommel

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