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Eighth Graders Being Welcomed to Woodland

Walking into a new building with no expectations can be difficult for many students. Woodland administrators understand this fear and create a day for eighth grade students from Long River to learn all about what Woodland Regional offers. 

This year, the event will be held on January 17, 2024 from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M.. The event will begin in the auditorium where students and parents will learn all about credit requirements, community service, Woodland’s available pathways, and more.

“The most important part of this whole process is having current students talk to the eighth graders,” said Kurt Ogren, Woodland Regional’s principal. “We want to show the middle schoolers what Woodland is all about and what we have to offer.”

Nine seniors who will be revealed that night will be speaking to the group. Each student was randomly picked based on how well they could answer the questions brought up at the meeting in the eyes of administration.

“We really want to show what we are about and that we care,” said Ogren. 

When all information is discussed, groups are invited into the lobby to explore different clubs and programs that Woodland hosts. 

One group in particular that will be hosting a table is Woodland’s Pep Band.

“We always want eighth graders to join,” said Ian Youngs, WRHS Music advisor. “Pep Band is a great alternative for the students who could not enroll in the band class, but still want to play with us.”

By setting up a table with interesting information and facts about their club, advisors and members are hoping to invite a new student when they enter the high school. 

“We have those tables so the younger students can get excited about something,” said  Ogren. “All research has found that when a student has at least two extracurricular activities, they will have better grades and better attendance. We want students to find their niche.”

There are a total of 154 eighth grade students and administrators are hoping to see every one of them with at least one parent or guardian. Other upcoming events will include visits to Long River Middle School by Dana Mulligan, Woodland’s vice principal, and the guidance office, eighth grade tours in May, and a student-led, second orientation in August.

“We are trying to say here is what we have and it is a lot more than you think,” said Ogren. “They are a part of the family already.”

Hannah Mudry

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