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Return of PJ Day

Although many are seen wearing PJ pants daily, for many years, Woodland has not been able to participate in a formal Pajama Day. The reason behind this is because pajamas are seen as unprofessional. Ian Youngs, who has taught at Prospect Elementary and is now at Woodland, has seen the downfall of it over the past couple of years. 

“I think the last time we had PJ day was maybe over a year ago,” Youngs said. 

As a teacher, Youngs wasn’t too upset about not having the dress down day.

“I get it, there’s an air of professionalism that needs to be maintained outside of school spirit.”

Now that we have started doing it for a good cause, more people have come around to the idea. 

“I think having it for a cause makes it more palatable to people who don’t know why we’re doing it,” said Youngs. 

PJ day for the kids is meant to raise awareness for sick children who have been living in the hospitals, and as a result end up spending most of their time in pajamas.

Ava Laudadio, senior, understands the reason why we do pajama day.

 “I think it’s good because it brings in money for a good cause, but I don’t know just how much money it will bring in since so many people already wear them daily.” 

If the cause is put more out there then more people will donate and bring cheer to kids during the tough holiday season.

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