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Woodland Worldwide Field Trip

Woodland Worldwide is a community that works to empower students to find and use their voices in order to advocate for positive change in their community and beyond. They believe in awareness and action, and they work to develop leadership through activism.

The club went to Discovery Adventure Park, Connecticut’s first aerial adventure park on October 12th. Weaving through ropes and flying through ziplines, Woodland Worldwide members took on the challenge.

Pushing each other through the obstacles, members had to encourage each other and talk them through their fears. Moving in groups and never leaving anyone behind, the students built new bonds and defeated each course, moving on to the next level.

Most people don’t like being yelled at. This situation however was different. Whether it was fear of heights, the rope breaking, or just being too wobbly, a lot of people had a hard time. While trying to complete each obstacle, there were group members in front and behind of you yelling to help you get through it.

Ava Laudadio, club member, shared her feelings on the trip, “I feel like I was able to push my limits and step outside of my comfort zone and really connect with my Woodland Worldwiders”. The club built team bonds they’ll never forget and hope to return again this year.

Melissa Martins

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