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New Class of 2027 Officers

Woodland Regional High School is proud to introduce the Class Officers and Senate for the Class of 2027.

 President Naseera Yusuf, Vice President Ryan Bradley, Secretary Mya Fontes, Treasurer Ella Goncalves, and Class Historian Charlotte Bandanza. 

Class Senators Michael Landrigan, Collette Hammond, Nasseera Yusuf, Sophie Lafreineir, Maya Jarrin and Nicole Vargas.

Class President Naseera Yusuf

Naseera Yusuf, President of the Class of 2027, is a determined soul. Not only was she elected Class President, but Class Senator as well.

“I am beyond excited to take on the responsibilities and duties that come with this role,” Yusuf said.

Yusuf has many plans already to help better the class of 2027.

“A grade-wide picnic, movie night, community service project, and many more events that would increase student relations in our class,” Yusuf said. 

Yusuf has always wanted to be a leader and be class president. In eighth grade, she ran for class president, but unfortunately, did not win. Although feeling down at times, she didn’t let anything get in the way of pursuing her dream. 

“Losing the past election hadn’t averted me from running this year. I ran again this year and won,” Yusuf said. “Although I was greatly discouraged both years running, a special someone told me that it is fair to be nervous about who I run against, but it’s nothing I can control. I simply let it be, trusted the process, worked hard, and got elected.”

Yusuf also takes inspiration from upperclassmen and is confident that they will always be there for her when she needs them, specifically, Yasmeen Galal and Emma Liscomb. Yusuf feels a special connection with the two, and can depend on them to help guide her with this leadership experience.

In short, Yusuf feels highly honored and is determined to help kickoff the class of 2027’s high school career.

“ I am proud of myself, and everyone else who ran for a position, for they are very brave. Running for a position in the class office takes guts—especially when running in a school you just learned the halls of,” Yusuf said.

Vice President Ryan Bradley

Ryan Bradley, Vice President of the Class of 2027 is ecstatic for this major position. Bradley is nervous, yet excited to have such an important role in the class office. Not only does his duties consist of assisting the president, but making tough decisions and stepping up when it is needed.

“I plan to be efficient and smart with the other class officers,” Bradley said. “Vice president wasn’t a thing I thought I could accomplish. But if I can accomplish this, anyone can accomplish anything.” 

Bradley is involved in many extracurricular activities–karate, biking, swimming, and overall just wants to see everyone around him succeed. He is supportive, and a helpful friend. Bradley is confident in himself, and his fellow class officers in leading the class of 2027 in such an important year, and hopes to see everyone succeed in the upcoming years as well.

“ I would [like to] see the kids of class of 2027 succeed and live the best life possible,” Bradley said.

Class Secretary Mya Fontes

Mya Fontes is responsible and confident in her role as Class Secretary. Fontes plans to take what her peers give her, such as an issue, or suggestion, and bring it to the attention of her fellow class officers. Her main goal is to help make sure the whole student body has a voice.    

“If any of my peers bring an issue to me, I plan to bring it to our board, and make sure that everyone’s voices are heard. I also will make sure to take smart and notable notes for each meeting, keeping everything we do organized,” Fontes said.

Fontes is fit for the role of class secretary, being an entrepreneur and a very organized student, there is no doubt that she will succeed in this position. 

“Something very important to me is to make sure that all students have a healthy bond,” Fontes said. “Most of my ideas consist of bonding activities and just making sure that all the students trust each other, and to be able to trust the board with any issues that may come up.”

Fontes wishes to do well, and to work in unison with her fellow class officers. She will take everyone’s ideas into consideration. 

Fontes is not only class secretary, but she is also involved in many other activities outside of school. Fontes has been a dancer for seven years, and plans to continue dancing throughout her high school career. Fontes participates in many fundraisers and different events that have previously helped her with her leadership skills. 

“I feel like this is just a really good way to get involved with the school,” Fontes said. “I’ve always been interested in being a leader, and this was the perfect opportunity.” 

Class Treasurer Ella Goncalves

Ella Goncalves, Treasurer of the Class of 2027 cannot wait to be a part of the class office. Goncalves is preparing herself by brainstorming ideas to help benefit the school, and class. 

“I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to be a class officer, but the moment I found out that I had won, I was instantly happy and thankful for the students who voted for me,” Goncalves said.

Goncalves has an important role in class office, and at times it may be difficult, but Goncalves is prepared for any challenge. She is a part of the Woodland Dance Team, where she learns leadership skills and other important qualities that will help her with this position.

“In the dance team, we learned how to communicate with different people. In the past I haven’t really talked to the other class officers, and with the skills I picked up from the dance team I will be able to communicate easily and effectively,” said Goncalves.

Dancing has always been one of Goncalves’s passions. Dance is a way for her to express herself. The Class of 2027 is excited to see how Goncalves can apply what she has learned in dance, in the class office.

Class Historian Charlotte Bandanza

Charlotte Bandanza, is confident in upholding the role of Class Historian for the Class of 2027. 

“As the class historian I will document all projects from The Class of 2027 and keep the Class of 2027 updated with upcoming events and class activities,” Bandanza said. 

Bandanza is quite responsible and extremely excited to participate in the important duties that come with being elected in the class office. 

 “I plan to be a very cooperative person in the class office and will always try to include everybody’s ideas,”Bandanza said. “Some plans of mine for the class office is to have a few fundraisers and coordinate many fun activities for the class of 2027.”

 Bandanza is already ready and bursting with ideas to help better the school, and community. With that being said, Charlotte Bandanza is not only Class Historian, but very involved in other activities WRHS offers. Bandanza is on the WRHS dance team, where she spends most of her time. Bandanza is excited and thankful for all who voted for her, and can’t wait to see where this position takes her.

Class Senator Collette Hammond 

Collette Hammond, elected as a Class Senator for the Class of 2027 is confident in her role as a senator.

 “High school is one of the most important times of our lives and I plan to make learning fun and help fellow students get opportunities that will help them in the future.”

 Hammond is someone who is open to all opinions, and is fully committed to this position as class senator. Hammond plans to make sure that she takes the time to hear and consider the opinions of all students in WRHS, not only those in student government or class office. Hammond is an active member of the community and loves diversity. She loves reading and plans to be involved with many opportunities that this school has to offer. 

Class Senator Sophie Lafreniere

Sophie Lafreniere has been elected as a class senator as well. Lafreniere is involved in cross country where she spends a lot of time. Yet, Lafreniere is prepared to fully participate in her role as class senator.

“Many people have said student government is fun and a good way to get involved with your school, and now that I’m part of it, I totally agree,” Lafreniere said. “I plan to work very hard and diligently to make sure everything I do as a student senator is done and done well. I care a lot about the quality of my work and I want to make sure that shows when I participate in student government.” 

Lafreniere has many plans for the school already, and is completely ready and excited to take on her role as class senator. Lafreniere also has many plans for this upcoming school year, one being fundraisers. Fundraisers are a great idea, considering that they raise money for our school, and help get students involved. Lafreniere is excited to be a part of the class office.

“I look forward to making new relationships and working together to make our school community better,” Lafreniere said.

Class Senator Nicole Vargas

Nicole Vargas, has been elected as a class senator. Vargas is preparing for this upcoming school year in various ways. Vargas plans to do her absolute best in every aspect of the class senate. 

“I plan to put my all into class senate. Whether that means staying after school to work on a project or working on it during my free time,” Vargas said. “My main goal is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard”

Vargas is not afraid to speak up for those who may not feel comfortable standing up for themselves. She will focus on making sure everyone has a voice, everyone has an opinion, and everyone feels like they are accounted for. 

“It feels like such an honor to have been elected. I am truly thankful for everyone who voted for me and for this opportunity. You won’t be disappointed in choosing me and what I have to offer,” Vargas said. 

Class Senator Michael Landrigan

Michael Landrigan, elected as a class senator, is ready for this upcoming school year. 

“I hope to help plan various fundraisers and events to bring the Woodland community together. I am excited to work with a team of leaders who have a common goal to make Woodland thrive,” Landrigan said. 

Landrigan looks up to his older sister, and has always wanted to succeed just as she has. Taking a part in the class office was just the first of many things he plans to do to be just like her.  

“Being in the class office has always been a goal of mine because I want to continue to be a leader. I have watched my older sister be part of the senate and I want to follow in her footsteps,” Landrigan said. “I hope to work as a team to create fun activities for the school. Being a part of the senate means that I have to be a team player and an active listener to be successful.”

Although Landrigan mentions that being a team player is going to be an important part of the senate, that should not be difficult for him. Outside of school, Landrigan’s true passion is baseball. 

“I have played the game ever since I was four years old and hope to continue playing it throughout high school. In addition to baseball, I also play basketball where I have met all of my best friends,” Landrigan said.

Landrigan has many goals for this upcoming school year and would like to see many things happen and be accomplished. As a class senator, he is ready to do what he wants to see done, and feels honored to be a part of something so important for WRHS.

Class Senator Maya Jarrin

Maya Jarrin, elected senator for the class of 2027, has many fundraising and bonding activities that she already would like to see happen.

“Not only do I get to make a positive influence on the Region 16 community, but the fact my peers voted for me made me really happy. I was nervous throughout the entirety of Election Day,” Jarrin said.

Jarrin has wanted to be a part of the class office for a long time. Yet, she almost didn’t run. Jarrin was encouraged to reach for the stars and pursue her goal, and could not be more happy that she decided to build up the courage and take a chance by running. 

Jarrin’s main goal is to help the students branch out of their comfort zone. Jarrin herself has been one to miss out because she was nervous, but quickly decided she is going to try new things in high school. 

“Some goals I have for the school community is encouraging students to branch out into the world a little more. I have always been a person who overthinks, and discourages myself from ideas easily. However, within the first week of high school I realized that I’ve avoided my goals for too long, and have been too quiet when expressing myself to others,” said Jarrin.

Jarrin not only will help others branch out, but she has already learned so much in high school. Jarrin tried out for the volleyball team, and landed a spot. 

“I’ve learned that there is so much you do not know you are capable of until you try, and as a member of the Student Senate I want students to realize the same,” Jarrin said. “Develop ways to encourage others, try out for that team, join a club, make a new friend because you never know what the future holds.” 

With that being said, these students are the future of Woodland. The leaders of the class all have one similar goal in common; to make high school a better place for all students and to work with each other to become stronger as a whole.

Gia Salvatore

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