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Captain Feature – Autum Tanguay

Autum Tanguay, one of four Timber Team captains and a senior at Woodland Regional High School, has been a member since freshman year. But her passion for the sport started before she even stepped foot at Woodland, where her love for Timber Team stemmed from was her two siblings who had played on the team before her.

“My older siblings [got me into the sport]. I went to every competition they had,” said Tanguay, “My sister told me I had to join when I was a freshman, so I did and I stuck with it,”

Tanguay’s favorite aspect of the sport is the ability to use saws and axes. Timber Team uses bow saws, crosscut saws as well as double sided axes. While the sport may be unconventional, Tanguay still has conventional responsibilities as a team captain. Her responsibilities include teaching new members how to safely use the equipment, how to better their performances and helping Murdy keep a watchful eye.

“My favorite part of being captain is being able to call people out on swearing; it is kind of fun,” she said.

While one of Tanguay’s jobs is to keep kids in line, she also works on making everyone perform the best they can. She does this by demonstrating proper forms and techniques that perfect their performance in different events.

Tanguay’s personal goal for the fall season is to get her crosscut time to below seven seconds. Beyond herself, she also has a goal for the team to accomplish during the season: beating the two other schools who compete in this sport at a high school level.

Tanguay is looking forward to a great season with both returning and new members of the team. She is excited to compete alongside her counterparts and beat personal records while encouraging her teammates to “Work Hard. Saw Hard. Throw Hard.”

Ashley Mayfield

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