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Captain Feature – Emme Starzman

Emme Starzman, senior, has worked her way to becoming a captain for the girls swim and dive team because of her consistent dedication and leadership to not only the team, but also her teammates. Even after achieving this position, she continues to work hard, so that she can become the best captain and swimmer she can be.

Starzman started swimming at the young age of six, and since then she has made it her goal to become the best swimmer she can become. She grew up swimming competitively with her friends at Seymour High School. This was about the time she fell in love with the sport.

“My sister, who was a Woodland Alumni, had a great influence on me when I was younger. The first time I saw her swimming, I made my mom immediately sign me up for lessons,” said Starzman. “l quickly fell in love with the sport because of the intensity and diversity. There were so many strokes, and events to specialize in.”

As Starzman became, older she had a decision to make, as she was not just a swimmer, but also a soccer player. Around middle school, Starzman made that decision and became a full fledged swimmer.

“I chose swimming because of the deep connection I had to it. Swimming had not only become a sport I enjoyed and loved, but it became an outlet for me as a student-athlete. The friendships and bonds with my coaches all came from swimming, and I just couldn’t see myself giving that up.”

As Starzman looks into the future, she plans on swimming in college, though she has still not made her decision on where she wants to end up.

“I knew throughout my high school swimming career that I would indefinitely continue on in college. I love the sport too much to stop now. Plus, I am excited to be a part of a new team and coaching staff.”

Though Emme has the future to look forward to, she still has her senior year. As she is now captain, she has taken on an important role for the team. Whilst helping her team to win the first meet of the season, she still has many more moons of swimming to come.

“It’s important as a captain to have responsibility, respect and a voice for underclassmen to look up to. And, hopefully, the girls know that I am not only their captain, but their teammate,” said Starzman. “A captain should be relatable and easy to talk to as you take on the “big sister” role. Although I have the leadership qualities everyone looks for in a captain and teammate, I also know how to have fun, cheer the girls on, and ultimately bring energy to the team.”

As the season starts to heat up and the girls swim and dive team continue their journey for the rest of the season, Emme and teammates hope to win yet another NVL title, and maybe, even a state title.

“I think one of the many goals that our team can accomplish is becoming NVL champions once again. It’s been such a privilege to have already been a part of such an amazing winning team, but I know the girls have what it takes to be champions. I also would love to see more girls making it to finals at NVL and class s state championships. Just from the first meet I can tell that the girls have such great potential and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this team.”

Chase Starzman

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