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Pleasing with Pleasing

Harry Styles, singer, songwriter, and actor has launched his very own brand, Pleasing. Styles was seen flaunting the brand on bags, hoodies, and towels with “Pleasing” written on them throughout 2022, but fans did not know it was his own brand.

Pleasing is a beauty brand that promotes prioritizing the planet and people, with their logo being “We’re Pleasing, never perfect.” They aim to give us a better future by working together with different organizations each launch, that help the Earth as well as minorities.

Their first micro-collection, Perfect Pearl, consisted of four nail polishes, two skin care products, and a black crew neck. This collection was inspired by the inside of an oyster and the beauty found within. Pleasing partnered with Nest, a non-profit organization that supports gender equality and economic inclusion.

Their second collection was Shroom Bloom, with Mick Fleetwood, fellow British musician as the face of the launch. His inspiration for this launch was spring. It included new editions of everything from Perfect Pearl, including two shirts and a hand and nail balm. They partnered with Cool Earth for this collection, which is dedicated to stopping deforestation and fighting climate change.

Hot Holiday was their third collection, launched in the Summer inspired by packing your bags and going on a summer vacation. They expanded their products by adding beach bags, beach towels, and body oil. Partnering with Queercircle, the charity works to develop programs with artists and influencers that fit the needs of the community.

Super Magic Family Time was said to be their least exciting launch. Which included four new nail polishes and a special edition of the Pleasing Pen, a lip and eye pen that distributes hydrating serums through cooling steel rollers. The inspiration was a festive retro look. Covenant House worked with them on this collection to support homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

Their latest drop for this spring was Pollinators, including of course four new shades of nail polish, and four new apparel drops. They partnered with Project Roots, a non-profit organization that educates their community about growing food while supporting the homeless and aiming to promote a healthy, natural, and sustainable way of life.

It looks like Pleasing is one of the first brands that really looks at the bigger picture, instead of just pushing their product. Partnering with so many good organizations, they truly want to make a difference in the world. Harries are looking forward to see what else is in store for the brand.

Melissa Martins

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