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Science Honors Society Cord Requirements

There are many different honors societies at Woodland that hold strong values such as leadership, academic perseverance, and service. These include the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, World Language Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Honor Society,Fine Arts Honor Society, and Science Honor Society.

Being a member of an honors society rewards members with a cord that they can wear senior year, during their graduation. Some honor societies reward you the cord for simply being a member, but the Science Honor Society has implemented new requirements.

Science Honor Society has roughly 55 members, and all the seniors need to participate as an active member to get their cord.

Every year prior to this, students got their cords just by being a member of the society, maintaining a 85 GPA in all science courses, with three science credits. Members also needed to have four hours of science community service by doing things like tutoring.

At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, Science Honor Society advisor Donna Lesch got together with officers, Dylan Burkowsky, Brian O’Connel, Alex Farr, Nina Daponte, and Liana Demirs to create the three requirements of participating in making a bulletin board, tutoring, and recycling.

“I said to them, what can we do to make this year unique,” said Lesch. “What can we do to get students involved?”

There are three groups of students making bulletin boards, each board staying up for two to four weeks. The board can be found right outside Lesch’s room 301 in the science hallway. So far two groups have been put up, the first one having a solar system theme and the second one having a macromolecule theme.

The start of tutoring has been coming up in preparation for final exams. A handful of members sign up and help underclassmen, or students their own age prepare for finals by going over course work and answering any questions.

You may have noticed two decorated recycling bins in the cafeteria. Those were put out by the Science Honors Society for the third requirement. Members are responsible for taking the bins from the cafe and recycling them. Doing this is the society’s influence on getting Woodland to help the environment.

These three things need to be done during senior year in order to count towards the cord. If members complete one of them junior year, they will need to do it again senior year.

Normally, cords are just handed out to seniors any time before graduation, but this year Lesch is coming up with a special way to give that out, which is currently to be determined.

Grace Tottenham

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