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Club Spotlight: Woodland Worldwide

Woodland Worldwide, a leadership club centered around involving students in current day news issues, slammed into Woodland in 2009. 

“[Woodland Worldwide] is an organization designed to advance the rights of women and children around the world,” said Megan Geary, the club advisor. 

The club focuses on empowering students through activism. Students focus on important issues and learn how to make a positive impact in society by raising awareness, running campaigns, and hosting events. 

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month in room 203.A typical meeting will start by introducing an issue or topic, which allows the members to express their opinions, and then launches meaningful discussions. 

There are about forty students in Woodland Worldwide. Geary explains attendance isn’t mandatory, so students can still participate in other clubs and sports after school. 

“I immediately thought it was the best thing that a school could possibly have.” 

Woodland Worldwide improves the culture of Woodland and informs students on current events and issues going on around the world. These current issues are mentioned in the club because they aren’t taught to students in class.

“Woodland Worldwide offers a way for students to learn about those things and to do something about them,” said Geary. 

Woodland World Wide is a great club for all students at Woodland to join because of the opportunities held for the future. This club can set students up for success after they graduate and show their leadership skills. After graduating, these students have experience with meetings, problem solving, running campaigns, hosting events, and engaging their community, which are all important qualities used in the workforce every day.

Kate Lisowski

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