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Teacher by Day, Farmer by Night

Mark Mierzejewski is not your typical high school science teacher. Outside of school he has the responsibility of running his own farm: Shiloh Run Farm in Harwinton, Connecticut. The farm supplies anything from fresh vegetables to goat milk soap.

The name “Shiloh Run ” comes from Mierzejewski’s two Shiloh Shepherds, one named Tuco and the other named Phoebe. Mierzejewski’s love for farming started early on in his life. Growing up Mierzejewski has always been involved in farming. At 12 years old, Mierzejewski’s first job was working for his friend’s apple farm. Mierzejewski has always been in love with the idea of growing vegetables and raising animals. Mierzejewski’s farm has a variety of animals such as sheep, goats, turkeys, and chickens.

“I get the best of both worlds,” Mierzejewski stated.  “I get to teach about science, then go home and tend to my animals and vegetables, it’s a great life.” 

Mierzejewski always finds a way to incorporate his real life scenarios from the farm into his lessons in the classroom.

“Every so often when I am doing a chore on the farm I am thinking how I can relate this to a question I can ask in class,” says Mierzejewski.

Not only does farming help Miezejewski teach but it helps him in his everyday life as well. Miezejewski has learned from his own mistakes when taking care of his farm. It has taught him many valuable lessons and he believes if you do things in life that you love you will never get bored. 

“My philosophy of life is to always try to live life to the fullest,” said Miezewkski.  “I never wanted to be someone who would just go home and watch TV all day. I like doing things, I like learning things; I like failing so I can learn more.”