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Club Spotlight: Student Government

Student Government is the name students will see whenever there is an event going on in the Woodland community, but being a member means more than just planning events; it means representing the voice of the student body.

In Student Government, club members work towards creating projects to help the school and community. Each member has a specific role. Student Government has eight senators from each grade level who represent leadership.

Student Government is also split up into committees. Each committee is in charge of scheduling various events like Homecoming, Spirit Week, Cards for Kids, Club Fair, Ice Cream Social, Day of the Dead, and many more. They also attend leadership meetings and hold mock elections.

Some amazing things that Student Government accomplishes are community service and spirit projects. Christopher Tomlin, Student Government advisor, makes certain that the club is run professionally much like a real government should be. They have worked to pass bills to help students. In the past, they worked to get AP and ECE courses to be weighted more in relation to students’ QPA.

Student Government is a student-run club. Tomlin’s only role in this club is to advise, support, and help the students develop skills.

“My favorite part would be seeing students do the amazing things that they do,” said Tomlin.

Woodland’s Student Government has many achievements. They are the only Student Government organization in Connecticut to be recognized as National Gold Council of Excellence.

Student Government is an effective way to spread student voices and provides the student body opportunities to advocate for changes in school. Student Government is continuing to evolve and change every year. Although the principles in which the club was founded remains the same, the organization is changing for the better with each new voice advocating for the student body.

Student Government has proved to be a very valuable club to all students by promoting leadership and the importance of the student body through their new ideas and innovations.

Olivia Brunetti

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