Woodland’s Birthday Board

Melissa Barbero’s freshman advisory, creator of the birthday boards, started their freshman exhibit by creating a birthday board. This advisory was inspired to create the birthday board because they felt that student’s birthdays weren’t being properly acknowledged. This gesture was created for the Woodland community and making everyone smile.

“This was a great way to bring a little positivity to Woodland since we had a tough year last year,” Barbero said.

Since the student’s in Barberos advisory are freshmen, they were used to having their birthdays announced in Long River Middle School. Runiyah Weathersby, member of Barbero’s advisory, looked forward to hearing her birthday on the announcements.

“Everytime they would announce our birthday’s it would put a smile on our faces,” Weathersby said.

This creation took a lot of organization and communication in order to work in an orderly fashion. Working alongside Anna Muharem’s advisory, they assigned a week to each student in the two advisories. Together they split up each week per student in both advisories. The students were put in charge of that week and made sure every student’s birthday of that week was mentioned.

“We used a calendar and each student signed up for a specific week of each month,” Barbero said. “From there they had to find out who’s birthday took place during that week and decorate their slides.”

When reaching out to students and staff, Barbero created a Google Form and sent it out to each advisory in Woodland. From there, students had the choice if they wanted their birthdays added to the board. Once they added their birthdays, the students were able to continue with their slides.

“We made sure that each slide was decorated nicely that would please the eye’s of the students and staff,” said Barbero.

Due to the pandemic these past two years, Woodland hasn’t seen the happiest days; however, thanks to Barbero and Muharems advisories, Woodland is becoming a happier place.