Athlete Spotlight: Paige Letourneau

Paige Letourneau, a Woodland junior and soccer team captain, was given the honor of “Athlete of the Week” this 2021 soccer season. Featured the week of September 20, 2021 by The Zone, Connecticut’s high school sports news outlet, Letourneau represents athletes who present athletic determination. 

“I was honestly very surprised, but also very honored to be given that title,” said Letourneau. “I am very glad I could get that accomplishment. [Woodland girl’s soccer is] not that popular as a team, but I’m glad someone [at Woodland] got it instead of a bigger school.”

Woodland Regional High School’s girls soccer team is a smaller community full of talented and motivated girls; however, they do not usually get recognition the way Letourneau has. She considers it one of her proudest achievements. 

Another achievement she is particularly proud of is her news feature from last season. A newscast featured Letourneau for the soccer team’s state semifinal when she scored off a corner kick. 

Letourneau was given the high ranking role of soccer captain this year as well. Being captain as a junior is a fantastic victory. The team’s family feel and constant encouragement is what has helped Letorenou stay positive and motivated.

“My team is happy for me,” said Letourneau. “I honestly could not [accomplish as much] without them.”

Letourneau likes to find activities that are different from soccer, so she can meet more people and broaden her horizons. 

“I’m going to do indoor track this year. Last year I did outdoor track and loved it,” said Letourneau. “I am a member of the DECA club as well.”

During college, Letourneau plans to major in health science while continuing to play soccer for the university of her choosing. Her main goal is to become a physical therapist. This being, she is not planning on putting all her energy into soccer, but is also focused on maintaining an education.

On the field, Letourneau starts off as left midfield, but will move to forward, center-midfield and anywhere on the right side if needed. 

“I pretty much play anywhere,” said Letourneau. 

Letourneau considers herself a midfielder and forward, but enjoys playing anywhere her coach puts her. She takes advantage of the game, instead of just “playing to play.”

Letourneau learned the most during her freshman and sophomore year with the COVID-19 impact. Her season was cut short, but it taught her to play to the best of her ability every time she steps on the field. 

“I need to play every game like it is my last,”  said Letourneau. “Because at this point [with the pandemic and other world changes] it could be.”