Zach Drewry: Evolving Woodland’s Community

Zach Drewry. Many of you know exactly who I’m talking about. If not, you might recognize him as the guy recording or commentating at your games and meets in a backward baseball hat. You may recognize him running around the halls during indoor track or playing baseball during the spring. Or maybe you may recognize him from one of your AP classes. Regardless of how you know him, he’s involved in numerous organizations around Woodland including journalism, varsity Quizbowl, Best Buddies, Language Honor Society, National Honor Society, baseball and indoor track teams, and member of T.A.G. Productions.

Drewry humbly left out that he is an executive, meaning he is in charge of the broadcast and sports aspects of Hawks Headlines journalism, and he is also on the varsity Quizbowl and baseball teams. It takes a lot of time and effort to hold this much responsibility, but he juggles it all perfectly. Some may wonder why he stays so involved, but Drewry finds joy in helping.

“[Woodland] is an awesome community to be around. I love working with all the people I do things with, all the advisors and members are great, and all the experiences are enriching.”

Even though he participates in so much, Drewry maintains a very high GPA of 98.43. To keep his grades up, Drewry has one simple but effective piece of advice:

“Honestly, I use my study hall periods effectively along with free class time. Also, downtime, like before track or before broadcasts, I like to get work done as well.”

Believe it or not, Drewry actually does have free time, and he explained that he loves baseball because it’s his favorite sport. He also enjoys watching sports, spending time with friends on PlayStation with friends, working out, and playing cards, specifically poker (but not for money).

Next year, Drewry looks forward to joining more organizations and taking on new leadership roles.

“There’s a possibility I will join student government next year. There’s a possibility I also run for an executive position in some of the honors societies I’m in now. But, I’m also going to continue doing all of the activities and sports I’m in now.”

Drewry has this message for anyone hoping to be as successful in high school as he is: “Try to join as many clubs as possible in your freshman year, even if you don’t think you’ll like it. Take an assortment of classes,” said Drewry. “And try to be nice to everyone; you never know who you’ll get along with.”