Contact Literary Magazine Taking on the End of the School Year

This year, Contact Literary Magazine is finishing magazines, making new ones, and hosting as many events as they can. 

“We finished the 2019-2020 version [of the magazine]. It was originally put on pause in March, but our head of layout, Emily Laput, was able to put it together and finish it up,” said Grace Sizer, Head of Marketing for Contact Literary Magazine.

The 2019-2020 copy is available on MagCloud and can be purchased as a printed document or a digital document. MagCloud is a store that can be accessed through the club’s social media or Schoology page. Their Instagram username is @contactlitmag, and their Twitter username is @Contactlitmag. 

The Contact Literary Magazine club is dedicated to making their club better, whichever way they can. 

“It has always been a print magazine that highlights written and artistic work done by students at Woodland… [This year, students will have] to order a copy online as opposed to, in the past, we would have gotten a whole bunch of copies printed,” said Meghan Geary, a co-advisor for the club.

Along with the 2019-2020 version, the club is also hoping to get a magazine out for the Spring. They are also hoping to get a website up and running. 

“Grace wrote these [letters] to reach out to people who, we have been told, are creative and might have work they would like to get published. This is one of the ways we are trying to recruit in the midst of the pandemic,” said M. Geary. “We no longer have that home ground base of students [from the Creative Writing class], so we’ve had to try and recruit in different ways, but we’re also trying to promote Creative Writing, so it runs again next year. ” 

“We asked teachers if they could identify students in their class who are creative and would want to be involved in Contact and Creative writing. It’s really about target marketing,” said Paul Geary, a co-advisor for the club. 

Within the club’s Schoology page, you can submit your work. The club’s Schoology code is 7MDS-6V98-TBN4M. 

The club is urging students to contact any of the executive staff members with any questions. The executive board is Paul and Meghan Geary (co-advisors), Emily Laput (Head of Layout), Grace Sizer (Head of Marketing), and Caroline Osborn (Head of Editing). Send them a Schoology message with any questions or articles, for a chance to be featured in the Contact Magazine.