DECA Improving Woodland’s Community

The Woodland DECA program has been running for several years now. Due to COVID-19 all clubs were meeting virtually through the month of December. However, all clubs are allowed to meet after school again, and DECA plans to make the most of it.

There are two sides of DECA- the first is the school business side, where students sell Woodland apparel from the school store, and the other side is the chapter side where they involve students and staff to partake in fun competitions. 

The physical store has not been able to open yet, but DECA does plan on opening it sometime this year. DECA members have been exploring different options for new t-shirts with new logos on them. Designing and purchasing all new merchandise for Woodland is one of the main priorities this year. DECA also plans on creating a new way of ordering the merchandise online, this way students can order online and go straight to the school store to pick it up. They would no longer have to wait two weeks for their order. DECA has a lot more to offer than just a school store. 

 There is also the chapter side, which is where club members lead community service projects. The chapter side takes on many leadership projects, games, and activities. Some of the completed projects consist of playing games where all proceeds go to charity. They also make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for shelters. Prior to COVID, DECA students would also get to take field trips and go on events.

DECA club advisor, Christopher Tomlin, recalls one of his favorite memories as the game Touch-A-Bus. 

“DECA invited students, staff, and the community to partake in a fun game,” Tomlin said. “Everyone would all place one hand on the bus and see who could hold on the longest. People were laughing and having a good time.”

Many of the students who got to experience all of these fun charity events graduated last year, or will be graduating this year meaning that the club is beginning to lose its institutional knowledge. After COVID, almost all of the events were canceled like their annual corn hole tournament. They are hoping to be able to play this year, after it being canceled two years in a row. Last year, due to COVID regulations it was put on hold, and DECA members have been waiting for the event ever since. They hope that soon they will be able to get active in the communities again. 

“[DECA] is dedicated toward teaching leadership,” Tomlin said, “and that leadership consists of projects and giving back to the community to which we reside in.”