Clubs Continue Despite Hybrid Learning

The continuation of clubs at Woodland this year despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been confirmed by Principal Kurt Ogren.

Clubs offer students the opportunity to interact with each other and form new relationships, especially if they don’t share the same classes. Some clubs offered include the Math Club, Student Government, and Woodland’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA).

Michele Iraci, GSA president, views the club as “a home away from home” and likes that it’s a place where she can just “hang out with people who accept her.” For Iraci, being in the club has helped her to “break out of her shell,” socialize, and “make friends with people just like her.”

Iraci isn’t the only one that feels this way.

“My hope is, I think almost every club is still planning to meet and I’m hoping that they do so that students get some experience even if it’s not the same experience that they would’ve gotten,” said Ogren. “You know, something that’s positive and motivating for them.”

According to Ogren, clubs will still be continued “as long as the advisor of the club can still follow the safety guidelines.” If necessary, some members might have to attend via Google Meet while others are in person, similar to how classes are being held. This might prove to be a challenge for some clubs, but things are being handled in the best way within the circumstances and most clubs still plan on meeting.

Iraci is glad that clubs can still be run, compared to the end of last year where they were canceled.

“I like that we can still have clubs. I would like to try within the next couple of weeks to at least have half of the club come in person, even though a lot of our members are fully virtual.”

Despite the accommodations, there is still a longing that things will get better.

“Hopefully, there’ll be a shift,” Ogren said, “when we’re all together. Hopefully that’s sooner than later, but we can’t predict when that’s going to be. We’ll do the best we can for now.”