Mike Mascoli–TikTok Famous

Shown Above: Mike Mascoli Photo Credit: Jess Vardon

TikTok has taken over the lives of teenagers, spending hours of their days scrolling through their “For You” page and dreaming of attaining fame. Aspiring to gain clout, they make TikToks of dancing, recreating trends and producing comical videos. The “For You” page is a public page where public videos are posted from different accounts.

Mike Mascoli, a Woodland Sophomore, acquired the TikTok fame of which so many people have dreamed. Many of his videos have been found on the “For You” page, which helped his numbers grow. He has a whopping 38.2K followers after only about a month, with some of his videos reaching over one million views.  

After coming across funny TikToks on Instagram, Mascoli decided to try it out for himself. Some of his friends started to make funny TikToks, so he thought “…why not do it for fun as a joke?” 

From that point on, Mascoli followed the popular trends on TikTok and created his own original ideas from there. As he scrolls through TikTok’s For You Page, he finds new ideas that are popular amongst the app and bounces his ideas off of those to make content that people will enjoy. 

Recently, Mascoli made a TikTok where he mentions that his mother found his account when she downloaded the app. This video became his most popular one, since it was uploaded on TikTok’s For You Page. People enjoyed the shock-factor of the video, the original idea, and how it is relatable to their lives, so it became very popular across the app. The video earned over one million views and 324.6k likes and these numbers are still rising. It also received almost 3,000 shares, which means that people have shared his video to friends through text messages or other social media accounts. Mascoli mentions that this is his favorite video that he has made so far due to its popularity and humor. [pullquote]“…why not do it for fun as a joke?”  – Mascoli[/pullquote]

Mascoli also mentioned that people around Woodland talk about his followers and he is now known as the “TikTok boy,” but he appreciates the attention and support from his friends. 

Mascoli will continue to make TikToks in the future in order to please the wants of his followers.  “I feel like I have a lot of followers that are following me for a reason and I feel like I need to make good content for them,” Mascoli said. “I feel like they’re following me because they like what I post and they like seeing me, so I feel like I need to satisfy them.”

Mascoli would like to thank all of his followers for their support on his videos. He plans on posting more funny TikToks, similar to the ones he posts right now. Mascoli will keep the comedy on his account to please his followers with funny videos.