Alterations to the Boys Tennis NVLs Shakes up 2019 Season

After a very successful and bittersweet 2019 season, the Woodland Boys Tennis Team can finally rest. Six seniors will be graduating, leaving the team sad, but thankful for all the work they have done for the team. However, before these seniors leave their legacy as Hawks, they had to go through one more article.

Before this season, the teams of the Naugatuck Valley League would play six singles matches. After all of those were finished, they would play three doubles matches. Now a change has been implemented where each team will play three singles matches and two doubles matches. These matches can happen concurrently because one single player cannot play in a singles match and a doubles match. This is different from previous seasons where a player could participate in a singles match and in a doubles match afterwards as well.

Not only has the team format changed, but the game itself has changed as well. Last year, one match was one set of eight games where the match would go into a tiebreaker if necessary. A person would need to win more games than the other to win not only the set, but the match as well. This year, the NVL grasped onto a more professional take for matches. Each match would be three sets, with six games per set. This would more than double the amount of playing time for players from only playing eight sets to eighteen, making games much longer. Players have to endure and persevere through a longer, harder, and drawn out game.

“I think that it was definitely a struggle getting used to the format change, but out team quickly adjusted,” Captain Joshua Powanda remarked. “Although the matches were longer, each player persevered in order to maintain energy and fight throughout every point.

This change has been nothing like the team has seen before, but their hard work and determination has allowed them to overcome the challenge. The Woodland Boys Tennis Team showed that they are truly a force to be reckoned with.