Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things, the famous Netflix Original series, is still continually growing. It gained its popularity when season one released on July 15, 2016. This show was so popular because of the addictive plot and how the majority of the viewers could relate to the main characters of the series. The end of season two left us with many questions, such as the mental state of Will, the boy who disappeared into the “Upside Down” in Season one,  the relationship between Hopper, (Hawkin’s police chief) and Joyce (Will’s mom).

The series recently debuted a trailer to the next season of the series. The description of the trailer says “One summer can change everything”. What this could mean is that the setting of this season is obviously taking place during the summer and that something controversial will happen that will affect every single character in the show in some way. At the end of season two, it ended with a flash in the night sky, and we saw the Mind Flayer looming above Hawkins Middle School. The Mind Flayer is also referred to as “the shadow monster”, and it is a malevolent entity inhabiting the Upside Down. Has the shadow monster come into reality, or was that just a scene the directors put in the show to leave us confused? These were all my thoughts before watching the trailer, and now that I’ve watched it, here’s what I think is going to happen in season three.

The trailer opens with Dustin, the gullible kid, sitting in what appears to be a different house other than his normal house. Then there is a line of toys in front of him that starts moving on their own, and it frightens Dustin at first, and all of the friends are hiding behind a wall while Eleven, the lab rat escapee, is having a nosebleed. All of Dustin’s friends are holding a “Welcome Back” sign. Dustin probably came back from summer vacation, or he just went away from his friends and from his home for some other reason, and which also explains why he is in a different house.      

   Also in the trailer, we see a scene of Billy, the typical jerk of the series, at a public pool with a lifeguard whistle around his neck. Since this season is taking place during summer vacation, this is Billy’s summer job. Then there is a scene of Eleven on a bed working on something, while a redhead girl is dancing around her room, and seems to look like Max. In the past season, Max did not like Eleven because Max, Billy’s younger sister, is jealous. Max might have a crush on Mike, and because Max was not allowed in the friend group originally. It will be interesting to see what happens in season three whether Max and Eleven become friends or not in season three.

The next scene is a clip of Will drenched in water. He is looking at an old picture of all his friends and him from the last Halloween when they dressed up as the GhostBusters. Something weird happened, and the result was Will becoming extremely wet and sad at the same time. I personally am not sure what to think of this, but this can just build our anticipation even more now about the relationships of the friend group and what is at stake.

The next clip shows Max and Eleven looking very happy together. Maybe Eleven and Max understand each other now and are friends. They are going to the new super mall, the “Star Court” mall, that just opened in Hawkins. Next, we see a scene of multiple people over a large fenced off area holding signs that say: “Hawkin’s loves downtown” and “We support downtown.” I am not sure yet what this means but I think that Hawkins is getting a newly renovated downtown area, but some people want to fund it and others do not so they are protesting. Hopper, police chief of Hawkins, is seen sitting alone at a restaurant, and then it cuts away to  Joyce, Will Byers mother, eating dinner by herself with a very concerned expression in her living room. Joyce and Hopper must be in a relationship, and Joyce stood him up that night.

Throughout the entire length of the trailer, there are little clips that show that there is going to be a major election in Hawkins for Mayor Kline, who has been the mayor of Hawkins. On the opening clip of a circus, there is a sign that does indeed say, “Vote Kline.” There is also a clip towards the end of him giving a speech to what seems to be the people holding the signs that say they support “Downtown”. It is unknown who is running against Kline, or if it is just him, but the outcome of this election is  going to have a large impact on Hawkins and Season three because of how much his name is shown in the trailer, and of the happy and unhappy people that are revolving around his name in the trailer.

Towards the end of the trailer, there is a clip of a large machine that explodes into a plethora of blue electricity, and it strikes people that are wearing gas masks. My theory behind all this is that the government has secretly moved their works somewhere else since their original lab was shut down, and they are doing it underneath the new mall that was just built. Another theory is that the machine that exploded is a generator for the mall, and when it exploded it opened another gateway to the Upside down.

   There was a lot of interesting new things that were teased to us in the newest season of Stranger Things. In the end, there were flashing black screens going over and around what seems to be a new creature from the Upside Down. A massive creature appeared to have the face of a Demo-Dog (a Demogorgon in its adolescent form), but it was very wide and had multiple legs.





Keep a look out for season three on the Fourth of July.