The Impact of Rob Gronkowski’s Retirement


Six feet six inches tall, 268 pounds, 29 years old, wearing jersey #87, Rob Gronkowski is one of the best tight ends in the National Football League. On March 24th, Gronkowski announced that he will not be returning back for next season, and that he will be retiring from the New England Patriots. Fans everywhere are devastated, but thankful for the time he had and the effect he had on players and on the Patriots fanbase.

Gronkowski joined the NFL all the way back in 2010, when he was drafted to the Patriots as a 42 overall pick. He would end up spending the rest of his professional football career. He has made four Super Bowl appearances with the Patriots, and has won two championships with them. Patriots superfan, Casey Brooks, is devastated by Gronk’s retirement announcement.

“I cried a lot when I saw his farewell post. I always knew this was possible because of his injuries in the past, but it still surprised me, and it hit me like a truck,” stated Brooks. “If I can describe Gronkowski in one word, I would say he is hilarious.”

Gronk is now transoniting into doing commercials, like the one he did for a laundry detergent brand Tide, and how you shouldn’t eat their products, but put a humorous spin on message.

Gronkowski is a lovable guy, which is why he has so many devoted fans.

“I love him because of his personality. He is always smiling and having a good time. He is also very charitable and overall just a great person, and he stands out from other players,” says Brooks.

Even other fan bases believe that Gronk is a great player. Josh Morrone, a Steelers fan, described him as an unstoppable player. Other fan bases are surprised that he retired, but also a little relieved.

“Gronk was a great player and a huge challenge to every team the Patriots played, so it’s a relief to not have to face him anymore as a Steelers fan. He was a great player, but couldn’t stay healthy enough to continue his career,” stated Morrone.

Gronk decided to retire, since he has obtained three championship rings as a Patriot, and has had a very large amount of serious injuries in the past, which have taken a toll on him.

Gronk will always be a Patriots legend and now will move on to different things, like acting and become a legend in a whole different way.