Kyla Behrle Breaking Swimming Boundaries


She gets her mind clear; she tells herself to just to her best. -taking her time to stretch, warming her body, getting the blood flowing,the adrenaline going, as she gets into the starting position that every swimmer does. Waiting for the official to say the phrase, “Swimmers take your mark,” Kyla Behrle takes a deep breath. The siren blasts and the race begins.

Behrle,  freshman swimmer for the Woodland girls swim team,  has been swimming for eight years. Behrle swims during the off season in order to stay in shape for high-school season, and to swim with her friends on the C Dog swim club. In the mornings Behrle swims on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:45 am, as well as everyday after school from 3:30 to 6:30 pm, at C Dog swim club in Cheshire.

She swims so much that she knows it going to impact somethings. “It affects school a lot, but I wouldn’t stop because I love it. It’s exhausting, but I still manage to get my work done.” Behrle manages her time by doing her homework before swim; whatever she doesn’t finish, she finishes after practice.

First practice is always nerve racking for athletes. For  Behrle it would be a breeze, since she has been swimming for 8 years now, but she disagrees. “I was nervous because I was the only freshman at the time and everyone was already close and going in as a freshman is intimidating.”

Behrle has worked hard at practices and meets, earning the spot to be able to go to NVLS and States. Behrle’s size does affect the way she swim and how she is looked at. Since she is small, swimming against tall girls is intimidating.

On one occasion Behrle’s brother, Noah Behrle was on deck and overheard, a girl at states talking to her coach. The opposing coach said, “Don’t let that small midget beat you.” Behrle ended up beating the girl by about 5 seconds.  

Behrle is working hard to get new best times, but to also beat some of the times on the scoreboard. Behrle’s 100 fly ( 4 laps of the butterfly stroke) time is 1:01.26, she is 5 seconds away from placing on the scoreboard and beating Dia Gawronski’s record of 56.05. Gawronski was a senior swimmer on the Woodland girls swim team last year. She was one of the most valuable swimmers on the team.

Keep in mind Behrle is only a freshman, and almost beating Woodlands girls swim records, imagine where she will be junior or senior year.