Woodland Has the Best Best Buddies Prom

Shown Above: A Photo from last year’s event.

May serves as an exciting time of the year for students around the country. It is the mark of blooming flowers on trees, warmer days, the end of the semester for college and some high school students, and most importantly prom. This notorious milestone is known for the glam, dancing, and fun that comes with it. As we enter May, this event is right around the corner.

The Best Buddies prom returns to Woodland this Friday, May 3rd. Many Woodland students are familiar with the event, but almost all of those students don’t know its significance. Compared to its counterparts around the valley, Woodland is one of the few chapters of this international organization that does host a best buddies prom.

Current president of Best Buddies, Maeve Sardinskas, believes that Woodland’s choice to host a prom is one of the reasons they are set apart from other chapters.

“It started the first year of Best Buddies, 2014. Corey Hames started Best Buddies prom as her senior project and ever since, someone has done it as every year.”

As such a small chapter, hosting a large event such as a prom shows the dedication the members in the Woodland club have. As an event that is open to all students and faculty in Woodland, Sardinskas says that people from outside of the club attending the event is what makes it special for the Buddies on what is already a big night for them.

“It definitely makes a difference to the buddies to see new friends and new faces. It makes a big difference that there’s all these new people who want to come spend time with them.”

This year’s theme is Hollywood Red Carpet, so get ready for the flashing lights! If you are interested in attending, tickets will be sold during all lunch waves for $10 each.