Isabella Cybulski Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Most teenage girls today are fascinated by the world of fashion, but unique freshman, Isabella Cybulski, has taken her interest to a whole other level: she creates it.

Cybulski has always known that fashion was going to be her path by dressing up and putting on fashion show for her parents. “Well everynight I would dress up in Disney princess dresses and I would strut around the house,” said Cybulski, “I thought I was everything, like I was straight out of a fashion magazine.”

Her love was inspired by sewing and drawing, both which she started when she was in early elementary school. She began with a child safety sewing kit and practicing on pieces of paper. Her first sewing project was a pillow case, which she thought was the most amazing thing ever. Cybulski began at a summer program to learn about fashion in fifth grade and quickly grasped onto the hobby and decided to follow up with it.

Cybulski has been studying at New England Fashion and Design in South Norwalk (NEF=DA), which is run by teachers who come from art schools like Parsons University and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. In January, she will begin an afterschool program, where she will learn more about creating fashion pieces and patterns at NEF+DA and it lasts about three hours.

At the association, she has learned how to make patterns, measure pieces, and drape. Draping is when you take your practice fabric and trace the design that you’re trying to create.

“I’ve learned to sketch out images from fashion magazines of models,” stated Cybulski, “First we sketch the outline of the body out then we add the clothing and accessories. Finally we render the image to add shading and features to our sketches.”

She has made many different types of pieces, like dresses, shirts, pants and even an army jacket.

“The hardest design I had ever done was a green army jacket. The jacket had a liner, pockets, button holes, a collar, and sleeves,” said Cybulski. “I had never done any of those before heading into that design. It had definitely took me a while but it was worth it the day it was finished.”  
Some of her favorite pieces to create are jumpsuits, which she expressed was hard for her to create at first, but have molded into her favorite thing to create.

“I love jumpsuits because they could be elegant or they could be super fun. It’s just like what depends on like what fabric you use to,” Cybulski revealed. .

Cybulski will continue studying at NEF+DA and create more items. Her unique hobby allows her to display her creativity and express herself in a whole different form than most teenage girls do.