Fourth Term Struggles

Fourth term brings the thought of summer, and many students are starting to forget about homework, tests, and projects that still are being assigned in the fourth term. What what makes the fourth term a struggle? People become generally more lazy during the fourth term, and might come home and go outside and enjoy the nice weather rather than studying for a test or doing homework that is due the next day. Students feel like they do not need to study during the fourth term because summer is on it’s way, and they would rather be playing basketball or in their recently opened pool. I am guilty of this as well. I had a spanish test the Tuesday after Memorial Day, and instead of studying, I spent my weekend in my pool and hanging out with friends. I took the test Tuesday and I got a 40 on this test. I also forgot to do a Spanish homework assignment as well, so my grade is not great.

The fourth term also brings the thought that since school is ending soon, so should the work, and people are putting less effort into their work, assuming they actually do it. I am also guilty of this. I usually go home and take a one hour long nap, but recently I have been taking two-three hour long naps and forgetting to do my homework entirely. Then I end up cramming it all in the next morning and forgetting that there was an extra part to the homework I also had to do. This happens because it feels like it is summer because of the weather outside, and this feels like there isn’t school and I shouldn’t be doing any homework or studying for any tests either.

Another fourth term struggle is finals, so this brings large amounts of stress to students. Students are just trying to get to summer, and finals are a giant roadblock in the way. Finals are very stressful and truly a fourth term struggle because I feel that you need to study more for them than midterms, because there is a lot more material. However, finals can be a positive landmark because once they are finished, it’s on to summer vacation.