Too Many Hair Products

 Probably about 50% of my purchases are on hair products. There is just something about their eye appealing packages that range from pomades to putties.

Every hair styling product is designed to be appealing, and some really do catch your eye. For example, the sleek black container of American Crew fiber wax almost shines on the outside, and how wouldn’t that not make you want to pick it up? Not to mention Elvis Presley is on the lid of it.

Another reason why I like men’s hair products is because of their scent. The American crew fiber wax has a lemony citrus scent, and one of my favorite scents is from the Got2b hair cream, which smells sort of minty, but light at the same time.

It’s extremely hard to admit but I buy a new product everytime I go to CVS, and I have a pretty enormous collection of them, with the prices totally varying. The most expensive product I have is probably the American Crew fiber wax, which is $22, and the cheapest is a Suave pomade that is $8. In my bathroom I currently have 12 different products, There’s 2 from Got2b, 3 from Fructis Style, 1 from Pete and Pedro, 1 from Axe, 1 from Old spice, 1 from Suave, 1 from American Crew, and 2 from Blumaan, a less popular brand that is one of my personal favorites. When asked about my hair product addiction, Jayden Tomasella, a close friend aware of the addiction said;”You are a little over obsessive with the amount of hair products you have, and you care about your hair too much.” I try to not accept this, but I clearly have an addiction. I may be addicted, but at least it gives me some expertise.

Now I am going to list the products from my favorites to the ones I don’t really care for. My favorite product is a paste from Blumaan because it has a medium hold, which is nice because I hate having hard hair. This is also is my favorite product because of its light lemony scent. Next I would say my second favorite is the fiber American Crew wax and this is because I like the hold and the lemony scent, but one thing that I don’t like about this product is the shiny appearance it gives your hair. Next I would say the Fructis Style products go next because it has really good hold and it isn’t the sticky. For the ones I don’t like that much are the Suave and Got2b. The Got2b is extremely sticky and is like putting glue into your hair. It is really hard t get out of your hair after you wet it too. This product does have a really good scent though. For the Suave, it smells like soap and has little to no hold at all.So if I was to rate these products on a scale from 1-5 it would go Blumaan being the best, American fiber wax, Pete and Pedro, and then lastly Suave.