Woodland’s Lost and Found Mystery

Racing around the school like a madman is never fun. Unorganized students and a vast school tend to lead to many lost items. With so many corners, turns, and alcoves in the school, students may never know where to begin searching. Fortunately for all of the unorganized students of Woodland, they no longer need to worry about rampaging around the school. Now there is a designated place for all lost items- Woodland’s own Lost-and-Found.

In early November, Woodland’s office placed a cardboard box and a large plastic bin in the cafeteria. The collection bins that sit to the left of the vending machines make up Woodland’s Lost-and-Found. If a student finds a book, binder, or item of clothing that isn’t theirs and is misplaced, they are prompted to bring them to the bins. Woodland’s goal is to make finding lost items much easier and more convenient for the students.

Items of clothing like coats, hats, gloves, and jackets will be in the bins themselves. If a book, binder, or folder is missing, it is suggested to check the tops of the vending machines instead.

Throughout the first quarter, the office has received many items other students had found and turned in. In the past, many students would look to the office if they had lost a personal item.

June Rydzik, an executive secretary, believes the new bins will help.

“If we make the items more visible,” Rydzik said, “I think more people will claim them.”

Now, if you find yourself running around the school like a madman, keep the lost-and-found in mind and save your precious time. Hurry though, the items will only stay in the bin until the end of the year. Then they will be donated.

“We always try to donate at the end of the year,” Rydzik said, “glasses coats, just as much as we can.”