Is IBoss Too Intrusive?

Is iBoss too Intrusive?

You are doing a research project that is due tomorrow, and you get an awesome research idea that needs more backup information. You type it in, and you click on the first site that comes up. You are ready to see what great information awaits, and bam the page is blocked. On the top of the screen is “Page Restricted” in black lettering. Frustrated, you go the second site on the page and that is blocked too. Not only are you missing out on some valuable information, but you just wasted your time too.

The purpose of iBoss, a cybersecurity platform, is to stop malware, (a software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems), as well as prevent students from looking at inappropriate content on school computers. iBoss blocks sites that contain ads, Adult Content, Alcohol/Tobacco, etc. Although the purpose iBoss serves is necessary, some students have deemed it too intrusive.  

   Students of Woodland Regional High School have mixed emotions about iBoss, some saying that it is helpful, but also annoying and intrusive.

Freshman Lauren Mulisnki believes she would work faster without the website filtering program.

“iBoss can interfere with my research for a project,” said Mulinski. “It is very annoying.”

Aidan Woodsworth, also a freshman, takes a contrary stance.

“I think it’s useful, Woodsworth explains, “On the flip side, however, when I am trying to research I am greatly dissatisfied about the websites being blocked.”

Mr. Amato, a teacher at Woodland Regional High School feels half-and-half.

“It is a necessary evil,” said Amato.

Mr.Illian Region 16 Network System Administrator has a large source of knowledge on the software.

“It keeps students from accessing harmful material that is inappropriate for minors or may contain games or non-academic material. It protects students from harmful content, we can’t monitor everything they do here, so that helps a lot. No filtering system is perfect, so it may block websites that you should be able to view.”

iBoss can protect students from going onto harmful websites that they shouldn’t be seeing and can protect students from getting viruses as well. However, on the other hand, iBoss can be annoying towards students who are trying to research a project or complete other school-related work.