Being Best Friends with a Vegan

There’s only one thing substantially worse than being forced to refrain from eating any food derived from an animal yourself: to have a best friend who’s vegan.

My best friend and I are the inseparable type who spend all the time we can together. About two weeks ago, she told me she would be “going vegan” for her Senior Project. At the time, I didn’t realize what a considerable effect this would have on my everyday life.

It’s been one hundred-sixty eight hours since then and I’ve already exhausted my interest in salads, carry a five pound bag of Craisins in my car, and am astonished by the amount of Vegan Coconut Ice Cream in my system at all times of the day.

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Over the last few weeks, I have collected what I have learned through my friend’s veganism. I have recorded the good and the bad, the sweet potatoes and the fake butter. Here are my own experiences and what I have noted through my best friend’s health choices.

Creativity is crucial

You don’t realize how innovative someone is until they’re wandering a mall food court with a diet restriction of fruits and veggies. I’ve seen her turn a piece of lettuce into a veggie taco and transform a mango and green beans into a well-seasoned meal. You can’t be boring and a vegan. With such limited resources, creativity is a necessity.

Sharing isn’t caring

Veganism has opened me up a to a new, selfish lifestyle. Without the ability to share my snacks or meals, I have procured the privilege to finish my own meals. Learning to not constantly offer bites of my food was a large adjustment at first, but with the breaking of this habit, also came the realization that my food was now my food. This can serve as a positive or negative varying on how much you enjoy food. Personally, I found this a monumentally rewarding development. My friend remains loyal to her morally driven choices and I can indulge on my cheeseburger all on my own.

It can’t hurt to try it

Cutting out dairy, meat, eggs, butter, and any other food that has any relation to an animal creates extreme limits as to what a vegan can put in his/her body. Knowing this, my friend has learned to mix bizarre foods to make strange, yet interesting concoctions. I have tried new foods ranging from quinoa to bom choy. Trying new things is simple. You just have to step out of your comfort zone and drink that vegan chocolate milk.

I have been exposed to new foods, learned to mix up the everyday snacks I consume, and seen a more creative side to the process of eating. However, I continue to struggle finding a restaurant that fits both of our appetites. Veganism is as interesting as it is inconvenient. When her senior project concludes, so will her time as a vegan.

If you too have a friend who is interested in the different morals surrounding what they consume, I suggest supporting their goals and trying new things with them. Who knows, maybe you’re one pint of Vegan Coconut Ice Cream away from full-blown veganism and all the beans and quinoa that come with it.