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Thanksgiving Leftovers…Now What?

It is now almost two weeks after Thanksgiving,

and leftovers are most likely gone by now. Though what I have come to realize through several interviews is that people do not do much with their leftovers. Some people use the turkey for lunch the next day in their sandwiches and others may use it in their soups for the next day as well. Bottom line, it seems that every year the turkey gets used the same way. That is a real shame, because, as my research has shown, by using your Thanksgiving leftovers, you can have all three meals of the day covered: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert included as well.

For most people, leftovers last between five and six days. Now, I don’t know about any of you, but eating the same food every day for five days can get annoying. So a way to address this annual issue is by using your leftovers to create something fun for every meal!

Veronica is a Staff Reporter and Photographer, and has spent three full semesters at Hawk Headlines. She speaks Russian fluently and enjoys watching crime drama.

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