Bathing in the sun, smooth sand between your toes, cold ice cream on the tip of your tongue. Ahhh…summer. Summer is sneaking around the corner and each school day is dragging on. Students are eager for school to end so they can begin enjoying summer. But brainstorming all these fun plans could be a reason why grades are dropping. Although all students are day-dreaming and having trouble getting motivated to do school work, the seniors are suffering the most.

“My motivation to do schoolwork has definitely decreased because I have already been accepted to college and the end of the year is dragging on,” said Danielle Bobbie. “I just want to get out of school and have fun in the summer.”

Bobbie is going to UConn and is excited to finally have some freedom, meet new people, and experience new things. She is an honors student who is tired of schoolwork, just as are many other seniors who feel the same way.

Hope Gavigan, another senior at Woodland Regional High School agrees with Bobbie.

My motivation for school started to become less and less when I got accepted into all the schools I applied to,” said Gavigan. “Writing my college essay, making sure I had my recommendations finished, and taking my SATS for the last time was all very stressful.” Once I knew I was in college, I really started to not care anymore.”

As the school year comes to a close the seniors have to start preparing for college. All are ready and cannot wait for this school year to end so they can start the next adventure of their lives.