Peer Helpers reach out to incoming students

Makenzie White

No matter what grade you are entering most people are a little nervous on the first day back to school. When you are starting your freshmen year of high school these nervous feelings are usually greater because now the student is in a new environment as well.
Peer helpers, or Hawk Wings, wanted this year to make the freshmen feel better and not to have them worry so much the first couple days of school.
In order to try and prevent this, the Peer helpers had a “help desk” positioned on the first floor, freshmen hall, where students could report if they were lost or just need help with something.
“We just want to get ourselves known and help the freshmen with any problems they may have like getting lost in the new school,” said Sarah Parker, vice president of Peer Helpers.
The peer helpers decorated the desk with black and gold balloons making it hard to miss. If a student was lost or had a question there were peer helpers at the desk and they could go there for help. The Peer Helpers were also walking any students to class that were unsure of where they were going.
The idea was to help students have a better transition into Woodland but also to get the word out about the group Peer Helpers.
The group tends to meet every other week after school and is dedicated being a helping hand around Woodland and in the community.
The hope is that through the help desk not only will the Peer Helper organization become more well-known but new students will learn their way around Woodland more quickly and feel more at home with fewer things to worry about.