Election Day

Election Day is in the school’s constitution to let the student body choose who they want to lead to decide our future.

Election Day has been around for many years at Woodland and this year running the event is Mike Krakowski. He is a part of the election committee and Student Council. There are two elections throughout the year: one in the beginning and one in May. He also says that Student Council is a big part of the school; they show the potential leaders of the student body how to run the school the appropriate way. Promoting kids to run for a position is a way to demonstrate that a person has leadership.

Photos by Bailee Graveline and Alleyah Trotman

Running Election Day takes more than just time. 300 dollars were spent on the decorations and tabs. Student Council retrieved the tabs used for this election from New York.

In the process of voting, the person enters the booth and will find a red lever. When ready, the lever is pulled which leads to the curtains closing for privacy. The voter then does their job of the voting by pushing down each little tab for categories. After the person is done voting, they again pull the lever back to the other side.

Voting may seem like such an easy task of just pushing a tab down. But, students have to realize that whoever they vote for now, will reflect how their future years of high school will play out. The results of the election should reflect the leaders that are willing to take everything to another level.

Senior, Andrew Jones said “I voted because it is important that we all have a say on what goes on in our high school”.

Voters were given an insight on what to expect from the two candidates running for the Student Body President. There was a debate held in advisory for the sophomores and juniors where Sara Huges and Vinay Dinesh were able to answer questions and express how they want the future years to go if they were elected president.