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A Labor of Love

Baking her way into our hearts, Madalena Warren starts her very own bread company, “Mimi’s Bakery.” The company debuted in the spring of last year. Warren opened the sales up to the Woodland staff as well as her circle of friends. The breads come in a variety of flavors including pepperoni, sausage, broccoli, and spinach. They are all handmade and baked by Warren.

Warren started this business for various reasons. She always wanted to do this as a small business, but due to time constraints (AKA having two kids in high school), she wasn’t able to start just yet. Now, with her last kid off to college, Warren knew this was the time to start.

She is pleased with the fact that the company is still small, as it gives her more time to focus on teaching without being overwhelmed. Warren is hoping to switch gears soon in order to focus on retirement.

“I am starting to consider what I will do once I retire so I thought I could sell these breads and have a business. Before I retire I thought I should see if it’s well received,” said Warren.

The origins of this company dig much deeper than plans after retirement. Warren is sincerely passionate about her company. Baking to her is a labor of love; she sees it as more of a hobby than as work.

In fact, baking runs in the family. Her sister taught her all of the bread recipes she knows as well as how to make decorative cookies. Warren’s sister has been a mentor to her over the years. Warren hopes to one day bake with her sister and co-own the company together.

“The company is called Mimi’s bakery because that is what her grandchildren call her. It’s my tribute to her,” said Warren.

Her sister is not the only one helping Warren. A few of our very own Woodland students have assisted the company, specifically in its branding. Last year, senior Claire Cummings created the brand’s logo as well as the business cards and order forms. This year, Claire is no longer enrolled in Graphic Design and has handed the baton down to Senior, Carter Davis who has been assigned to the bakery’s marketing.

Finally, Chris Misuraca has been the ring leader when it comes to students branding “Mimi’s bakery”. Misuraca has worked with Warren to compile the best designs for her company and bring it to life. Misuraca, Cummings, and Davis have been a huge help to the upstart of the company.

“I wanted to be sure to thank Mr. Misuraca and his students for all of their expertise with my endeavor,” said Warren.

After some trial and error, help from her fellow colleges and students, and sisterly love, Warren has mixed up a recipe for success. “Mimi’s Bakery” is slowly but surely becoming an active business in the community.

Students and staff can feel free to message Senora Warren on FaceBook (“Mimi’s Bakery”) anytime to place orders, or request an order sheet from her personally.

Julia Dommel

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