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Celebrating and Studying Cultures

The World Language Honor Society is an organization that celebrates students that have worked hard learning different cultures and languages.

The club began with Madelena Warren in 2001. Warren taught first at Farmington High School, then she brought the honor society to Woodland.

Currently, the administrator of the World Language Honor Society is Daniela Santos, who believes that the club highlights most of the program for world language.

The prestigious club has certain criterias that needs to be met before, like an average of a 90 or better, and then maintaining an 85 and above once you are inducted. Teachers will begin checking grades to determine eligibility by the end of students sophomore year, so they are able to enjoy their junior and senior year in the club.

“It is really just an honor to be a part of the club because it shows that you are one of the top language learners in your class,” said Santos.

Meetings for the society are the first Thursday of every month. During busy months, they will have more meetings than their normal amount per month.

Through the honor society, the members are able to show the rest of the school what other cultures look like. One way they have recently done something for the spanish culture is selling goodie bags for Dia de los Muertos. Also, they set up for the holiday in the hallway display case.

“I know I’ve always had a love for language and learning languages,” says current World Language Honor Society President Nathan Trumbly. “I’ve tried to teach myself different languages aside from Spanish, it’s just something I have a passion for.”

Field trips are designed for the students; the past trips have included the Statue of Liberty and salsa dancing lessons. COVID-19 has gotten in the way of many trips, but Santos hopes that either this year or next year the World Language Honor Society will be able to start their trips again.

Also, there are many projects that the club works on throughout the year. This is what allows members to actively take part in celebrating the different cultures.

Trumbley believes that the most exciting part of it is that people in the honor society are able to celebrate not just languages but the culture too, while they are working together with people who enjoy it.

So the different projects and trips in this honor society make learning about the Spanish language and culture so much more fun and exciting. It also makes people feel accomplished that they were able to make it into an honor society and be an excellent bilingual student.

Ava Napiello

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