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Hawk Headlines Does it All: Yearbook Edition

Yearbooks are now in from the 2021-2022 school year. Hawk Headlines first began designing the yearbook when they became a collaborator back in 2014 with Lifetouch, and continued helping out with it for the next three to four years until they ultimately took charge. Hawk Headlines has been creating yearbooks for almost eight years now.

“This year’s yearbook has more content than any other yearbook we have ever put out,” said James Amato, ringleader of Hawk Headlines.

Hawk Headlines used to be contracted for 132 until this year when they upped the page count to a whopping 200 pages. Hawk Headlines was able to keep the cost down by finding a new publisher. The company is looking at new publishers for next year’s edition with a quick turnaround.

Yearbook publishers tend to have a six to eight week turnaround. Hawk Headlines finishes up their yearbooks after graduation so that the entire year is covered in the book. Even if they finish the books up in September or October, they still have to wait a couple months before the books actually arrive. The yearbooks usually take a lot of time and energy to put out. The reason why there is such a wait is because the last four yearbooks at Woodland have all been created by a singular student. The yearbook project is made on the side, with most work getting done between February to September. After Hawk Headlines relayed out all two-hundred pages to the new publisher, the book arrived in a speedy nine days.

Students can order yearbooks at any time because Hawk Headlines warehouses all their yearbooks. They don’t have a set order amount for delivery so people can order them whenever they want. There is no timeline or cut-off date that students have to order by.

Hawk Headlines has noticed that the yearbooks are predominantly purchased and consumed by the seniors so this year they will be focusing on the freshmen, sophomores, and the juniors. They hope that this will build the audience of underclassmen buying the yearbook from year to year.

“It is a yearbook, it’s not a seniorbook” said Amato.

Most seniors just buy the yearbook of their senior year and increasing the underclassmen’s presence in the yearbook will help make it more marketable for all to buy.

Hawk Headlines also gives every senior a free senior-edition magazine.

“Instead of knowing we are not going to hit the end of the year and people have yearbook signings, we give every senior a smaller, senior-edition with autograph pages. Seniors can add these autograph pages into their yearbook once they buy them.”

The senior-edition yearbook is a smaller, magazine type book with less pages in it. The senior-edition book exclusively focuses on the seniors and the seniors only. Seniors are encouraged to complete the google form posted by Hawk Headlines by May 10th so that an accurate bio can be written about each senior in the senior-edition.

“We just highlight the seniors in it so every senior, including those who did not purchase a yearbook, have some type of memory going forward.”

The seniors could also buy the official yearbook for the rest of the memories and the biggest stories of the year covered inside. The official yearbooks can be purchased at hawkheadlines.net/news/sales/ for $75.

Nick Bshara

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