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The Ultimate Guide to Woodland’s Favorite Music

Woodland students are always plugged in, listening to music in and out of class. Most students do not go a day without listening to music. Woodland students participated in a poll on Instagram, answering what their favorite genre of music is.

As this may be a surprise to many, because country popularity has been growing, country music came in last place with 25% of the voters at Woodland.

Avery DiGiovanna, Woodland freshman, believes that “Country music used to not be as popular, but now more people have started to listen to it, and it’s sort of like a trend now.”

Looking at Instagram pages, there are a lot of people attending country concerts. All around school people talk about Morgan Wallen, country singer and songwriter, who has become very popular over the past summer.

Coming in second place is rap music. Polo G, Eminem, and Travis Scott may seem intense and loud to some, but 30% of voters think of rap to be comforting music and what they would prefer over everything else.

Morgan Sweet is someone who comes to school and can hear what other students are listening to.

Sweet said, “I can always hear rap music blasting through students’ headphones in the halls.”

Lastly, what was probably expected, pop took first place with 55% of votes. Pop music ranges from Taylor Swift to Dua Lipa. There are many different sub-genres that fall under pop which include art pop, sad pop, country pop, and pop rock, allowing for a wide variety of listeners.

Natalie Muharem is a big fan of music and listens to it daily. She feels that, “Pop is the most popular because it is the most diverse where many boys and girls listen to it.”

Music is found pretty much everywhere you are, whether it’s just playing in the background while you are doing homework or blasting while you are at a party.

Ava Napiello

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