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The Family of Woodland

Hawk Wings, a club dedicated to spreading positivity, continuously works to make Woodland a kinder community. 

Hawk Wings started years ago and has two advisors who contribute to the promotion of kindness. The current co-advisors are Anna Muharem and Janine Murdy. Muharem has been involved in Hawk Wings for five years and believes it is important to have a club that preaches optimistic culture. 

“I really just believe in the message of the club, the idea that we should be actively promoting kindness and a sense of community at Woodland.” 

In order to spread their message throughout the region, Hawk Wings takes a trip to Long River Middle School to talk to incoming freshmen about the clubs and sports programs at Woodland. Hawk Wing’s goal is to get students excited for extracurricular activities. 

“We try to hype up the school so that the 8th graders get excited about coming to Woodland,” said Muharem. 

During the Christmas season, Hawk Wings gives back to the community by decorating Christmas trees. The Christmas trees are then donated to an organization that raises money for charity. In celebration of their accomplishments, Hawk Wing’s has a Christmas party that allows everyone to bring a plus one in order to expand the members of the club.

Muharem notes that it is easy to become a member of this club. 

 “What qualifies you for this club is just your willingness to be friendly.”