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An Artist’s Expression

Personality is reflected through the hobbies we partake in. Katie Soda, an inspiring artist, reflects this statement through her creativity. Starting her drawing career in sixth grade, Soda has continued and loved the hobby for the past six years.

“This really reflects who I am as a person,” said Soda. “I love art.”

According to herself and her peers, Soda is creative, kind and smart.

Soda also artistically expresses herself through acting. Taking part in Woodland’s drama club, Soda has acted in The One-Act Play that Goes Wrong as the butler, Emma JV: A Pop Musical as a part of the ensemble, and Clue as the auxiliary Scarlet.

Soda reflects her personality in her activities, adding a bit of sparkle to creations. Spending most of her time drawing people, each piece of art has some of herself within it. Whether it’s her kind eyes or sweet smile, she is a part of her work. Even the different characters she pretends to be on stage have some of her own personality traits.

Approaching graduation with a smile, Soda is ready to take on the rest of her creative journey in high school.

Hannah Mudry

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