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New Location, New Experiences: How Freshmen are Adjusting to Woodland

The first couple of weeks of school can be stressful for incoming freshmen. Many freshmen have different impressions of high school.

Morgan Sweet’s first day of freshman year went well for her.

“My first day of school was a seven out of ten, ” Sweet said. “It was good getting to see my friends and meet the teachers, but it was a big adjustment being in high school.”

She also had some trouble finding her classes, but luckily she had many friends that were able to help her.

Just being in the building of the high school can be stressful. Another freshman Olivia Brunetti rated her first day a nine out of ten. With a study hall to manage her workload and help her to find the classes, she is breezing through the start of her freshman year.

The workload in high school can be difficult to handle. Sweet is trying to manage the homework to the best of her ability by staying organized. Freshman Olivia McDonald also says that it is key to stay on top of the assignments and do it on the day that it is assigned so you don’t fall behind.

Speaking from experience, freshman year has been very stressful. The homework and classwork is definitely a lot more than it was in middle school. In middle school this reporter typically only had about 30 minutes of homework, and now has at least an hour and a half if not more. It is definitely important to stay on top of your work, and do it on the day you are given it so you don’t fall behind. This reporter would have to rate the first day as a seven out of ten. Classes were easy to find however, juggling a sport and having homework, it was a bit overwhelming. Now a few weeks into school the routine has gotten much easier.

So if you are a freshman out there, do not worry. You are not alone; several other students are experiencing the adjustment that you are experiencing. It can definitely be taxing, but don’t let this stop you from achieving your goals. At the beginning it may seem like a really big step; but remember that you are not alone and that you will get through it. Keep working hard and do your homework on the day it is assigned. Remember to make every minute count because your freshman year will fly bye.

Colby Sizer

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