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Athlete Spotlight: Kaitlyn Leonard

Rounding out her high school career, Kaitlyn Leonard is excited to be a captain for the girls soccer team for the 2022 season.

Playing soccer since she was five years old Leonard has played on many different teams. Some of the teams were the Prospect rec team, travel team, and she is now playing for both the school and Premier soccer for Dynamo in the off season where Leonard plays as a defender. She has been playing soccer with the same group of girls all the way up through her senior year.

“They become your best friends. Even if you’re having arguments off the field, they’re still your best friend on the field,” Leonard said. “I would do anything for my teammates.”

Leonard is very superstitious when it comes to what she does before she goes on the field for a game. Leonard always has to have the same person braid her hair, she always has to put her shin guards on before practice, and she always has to do a handshake with a few different people before the game starts.

Superstitions aside, Leonard is an amazing player. The best advice she can give is never give up on yourself.

“You’ll have a bad game and you’ll make mistakes, everyone does. You might not make varsity and you might be on JV, that’s okay,” said Leonard. “You’re just working to make yourself better and it doesn’t matter what [level] your friends are on.”

Colby Sizer

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