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Transitioning School Years with Nutrition

One of the most important parts of the school day is lunch. The chance for a hot meal gives students the opportunity to take a break from the learning environment. Transitioning out of COVID-19, the government funded the production of food here at Woodland. With the option for students to have free lunch, the quantity has decreased. However, when the students take the time to compare last school year’s servings to this year, there are some noticeable differences.

Sophomore Julia Dommel doesn’t mind the recent improvements.

“The deli selection is a personal favorite for me; the pickles and the banana peppers are a go to,” stated Dommel.

Many of the sophomores at Woodland have mixed opinions for the school’s lunch. Unlike the freshmen, who only have experienced Long River’s delicacy, the food served at the middle school and the food served in our local cafeteria are provided by the same supplier, Thurston Foods Inc. With some more fresh produce and new items added to the menu, the freshmen enjoy the new selections along with some snacks served as well.

“The bread that is served at the deli is much fresher than the middle school,” said freshman, Jack Schwenger.

Some new additions to the menu include; macaroni salad, a variety of cold cuts, some new selections of chips, a new refrigerator of select juices, along with new meals.

In addition, Woodland offers a select class of opportunities in baking and cooking. To add more variety in Woodland’s lunch, the culinary class on occasions contributes their share of their creations to the menu. Recently, the culinary students contributed to the table by serving Woodland with fresh macaroni and cheese.

There is no doubt that the staff here at Woodland along with the students contribute to provide proper nourishing meals to serve the students and the rest of Region 16. And if students dislike the food, there is always the option to prepare their meals at home and dine in the cafeteria with their homemade lunch.

Maddy Harte

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