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A New Chapter of the National Honor Society

One of the greatest feats of a Woodland Student is being asked to join the National Honor Society. These students get recognized based on the group’s fundamental pillars: service, character, scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. Based on timeless principles, the impact the society makes in their community service activities is undeniable.

Recently, the 2023 Chapter visited Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center, a farm that offers therapy for children and adults with physical, developmental, and emotional challenges through horse riding. Members assisted in setting up an event at the location by placing flowers and seating for guests. Looking in and outside of the community, the members organize events to help in any way they can. Co-advisors, Jodie D’Alexander and Alissa Becker, have only been running the society for three years, but this is just the start to their plans.

“We want to find out how we can support residents in Florida that have been impacted by Hurricane Ian,” said D’Alexander. “This idea is something that came about, and we are moving fast forward on it. We would like it to be something that the entire school can participate in.”

These are just the beginning of the many plans and activities that the National Honor Society will do this coming year. With so much potential to create unity in the Region 16 community, the National Honor Society is eagerly waiting for the start of the second semester to start inviting new students to join. Juniors can expect to start receiving invitations after taking midterms in January.

“We take a look at juniors’ QPA, their weighted averages, and there’s a certain number that they have to fulfill so they have to be at a certain mark within that,” said D’Alexander. “And they also need to have their 30 hours of community service on record in guidance.”

Once the applications are submitted, co-advisors Becker and D’Alexander review the applicants’ essays, reputation amongst the school’s faculty, and the displays of the pillars to decide who gets accepted. After their induction, new members can start taking part in many of the group’s activities. One of both Becker and D’Alexander’s personal favorites is the holiday get-together and scavenger hunt for all of the members. This extended meeting allows the members to connect and celebrate their accomplishments before the holidays.

Prospective members should not worry that the National Honor Society is too much commitment. With so many sports, clubs, jobs, and other academic commitments kept in mind, the meetings are kept short, and only once a month. The co-advisors claim that one of the benefits of the National Honor Society is the diversity of the group of students that comes together to work for the community. Diversity is a strength of the group; although it poses a challenge.

For the 2023 chapter of the National Honor Society, the current president, Nathan Trumbley, claims that some changes are being made, but for the betterment of the society.

“On the side, our officers have been working on creating a new revision of the chapter by-laws by altering a few sections in order to have the rules and regulations of this prestigious group best reflect current day standards of what character, scholarship, service, and leadership [our four pillars] mean,” stated Trumbely.

Trumbley has a similar response to Becker and D’Alexander on what the goals for the year are; focus on service and community. With a passion for Woodland, Trumbley has a positive, determined outlook for the upcoming year.

“As president of the 2023 chapter, I can definitely say that this group has a lot of potential to blaze a new trail not only in the Region 16 community, but also in the world,” said Trumbley. “Step by step, our diligence, perseverance, and creativity will allow us to leave a legacy and path for future generations to take at Woodland.”

Dylan Burkowsky

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