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How Students are Preparing for Finals

The end of the school year is near, but before students at Woodland Regional High School can pack their backpacks away and head over to the beach, they must prepare for their final exams.

Final exams are fairly straightforward, as they are the last test of the year for each class. Any material from semester two can appear on the exam, testing each student’s ability to utilize what they have learned for the entirety of the class, and then apply it on the exam. Considering how difficult it can be to remember a wide variety of information for all your classes, it is important to prepare for the exams.

Students’ preparation for exams can range from little preparation, to hours upon hours of studying. This variety certainly exists among the students, as different people have different things that work for them. Sophomore, Molly Nichols, is a student who performs well on tests after studying.

“I start by studying for whatever exams I have first,” said Nichols. “Usually I just look back on notes from the year.”

Freshman Andrew Orlowski is approaching his first final exam week, and feels well prepared with a different study plan.

“I really just think I will study whatever review guide my teachers give me,” said Orlowski.

Despite this being her third year at the school, this is Junior Laci Davis’ first time taking finals.

“Along with studying I like to get a good night’s sleep the night before any exam,” Davis said.

Everyone has different methods of studying and various ways to prepare for exams. In everyday life, people around the world prepare for the same event, in completely different ways. It is all about what works best for you, and only you. Therefore, before exams do whatever you feel as though will best prepare you for all of your exams.

Bryce DiGiovanna

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