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Hawk Productions Takes Part in the Spring 2022 84 Hour Film Challenge

The Spring 2022 84 Hour Film Challenge came to a close at the end of March and Hawk Productions couldn’t be happier with how their film turned out. This year, it was held from March 25th to March 28th. The group of students spent all day Friday, April 25th in studio 219 preparing for the weekend ahead of them.

Every year at 7 a.m. on the first day, an email is sent to all participating schools explaining what needs to be included in the film. The criteria are filled with options of main characters, scenes, taglines, etc. This year, the criteria said that the main character needed to “run his mouth” and “say something that gets him in trouble.” In addition to this, the participants needed to include the following quote, “Life’s like a turtle if you don’t stick your neck out you won’t get anywhere.” Usually, Hawk Productions base the plot around the requirements given and the ones they choose. They created the plot around the main conflict that needed to be required and then built off of that.

The challenge takes place over four days and each day it looks a little different. This year’s project manager, Samantha Farrlley, said, “Friday is spent brainstorming, writing the Samantha Farrelly script, drawing the storyboard and gathering needed equipment.”

In addition, on Friday the group eats breakfast together before getting started, along with lunch while Saturday is specifically a filming day. Anyone is welcome to come but it is primarily based on who has what part in the film and the crew. The participants make a schedule of what needs to be done and where they are going to meet. This year they filmed from 11 am to around 5 pm getting all the footage they needed. Sunday is used to edit everything together, which is done by the editors Skylar Defazio and Stan Vreeland at home. If they had not gotten all their footage on Saturday, they would get it Sunday, but luckily that wasn’t needed. Lastly, on Monday the group comes back together and revises everything, making any last-minute changes before submitting it by 7 p.m. that night.

“I led all team meetings and made sure a schedule was put into place and everyone had jobs they had to do and places they needed to be,” said Farley.

Skylar Defazio was the director this year. Her Tech Crew was Stan Vreeland, Adam Hoffman, Elias Sturdevant, William Moroz, and Noah Omer. Logan Johnson, Carter Davis, and Hannah Semrow gathered and edited behind-the-scenes footage while a lot of other students helped with ideas for the plot, storyboards, and anything else needed.

Hawk Productions always participates in the 84 Hour Film Challenge and placed first in 2021, along with placements within the top 5 each year prior. As of right now, Hawk Productions are waiting for the results to be released and are hoping to get back to first place.

Grace Tottenham

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