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Freshman Olympics

The Freshman Olympics, started by James Amato and Alissa Becker, are a series of minute-to-win-it games played on a weekly basis inspired by the real olympics.

“We encourage each other the way kids do and we get sort of carried away,” said Becker, “so Mr. Amato and I decided to turn this into an all-freshman competition.”

Each advisory got to pick any game of their choosing. These ranged anywhere from an intense game of Jenga to a fierce game of cup stacking. Every Thursday, typically referred to as Throwdown Thursday, since October, all the freshman advisories would meet and play each other’s games. The wins and losses were kept track of, these determined who would be advancing to the semi-finals and from there, the finals.

Becker feels strategy among other things really helped her advisory make it as far as they did.

“Most importantly, and the advisories figured this out very early on, is to encourage one another. The bigger purpose was to have these groups of kids come together and begin to form relationships because you are together for the next four years,” said Becker. “I think competition lends itself to that, and we really wanted to capitalize on the freshman exhibit with this fun component so that not only as an advisory you’re bonding, but you’re engaging with other advisories in a non-academic forum.”

The winning advisory will be awarded a pizza party for their hard work. Also, awards for MVP of each advisory will be awarded. These games were something every freshman looked forward to each week and will be a great memory as the years go on.

Giovanna Santella

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