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Artist Spotlight: Sophie Greber

Sophie Greber: Woodland student by day, Educational Center for the Arts (ECA) student by night. Greber is an artist that specializes in experimental and digital mediums. However, her range has been expanded because of the large spectrum of required classes at ECA. 

ECA in New Haven includes many classes such as dancing, creative writing, practical arts, fine art, singing and more. At ECA, every quarter you get a new class with a new teacher.  Greber has participated in preliminary classes, intermediate classes, photography, 2d design, sculpture, and new media since her freshman year. 

Greber has recently finished a new media project which includes an image that students will project onto a curved object, sculpture or surface. 

“This creates a more interactive and interesting work of art. I’ve learned a lot about how greatly the presentation of art affects the aspects of the piece,” said Greber. 

Greber indulges in the freedom that comes with going to ECA as well.

“It might not seem like you get more freedom from going to more schools,” said Greber, “but honestly, you have a very special relationship with the teachers at ECA. Like your bond with your teachers is more relaxed and friendly because they view you less like students and more like peer artists,” 

Greber hopes to go to an art college in the future. She is excited to experience new freedoms and learn new techniques. Greber works hard both at Woodland and at ECA to give herself the best and most beautiful future she can make. 

Ashley Mayfield

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