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Athlete Spotlight: Brooke Riley

A hard working, kind hearted, and strong leader, Captain Brooke Riley has been a part of the Woodland’s Girls Tennis Team for four years, and been playing tennis for many years before that.

“One of my neighbors who was older than me played in college so she would take me to play and I really fell in love with it,” said Reilly.

Reilly always has a smile on her face when she is getting ready for a match. She cares a lot about her teammates and she is always ready to have fun.

“My favorite part about being on the team is having fun and playing music with my teammates during practice,” said Reilly.

Even though tennis is a very competitive sport, it is also a sport where you can have fun. Reilly wants the best for her teammates and wants to make sure that they all get the best tennis experience that they can get. She is a role model in school and out.

Reilly expected to be a captain this year because she has been working hard all four years to be on the line up. Being a captain requires a lot of responsibility.

“I love helping the younger girls because I was in their shoes when I was an underclassmen, being there for them helps me get closer with the girls and it allows them to trust me.”

Reilly loves being a captain because she sympathizes with the underclassmen and she knows how to guide them when they are struggling.

“Something that I love about being a captain is being a good role model for the younger girls,” said Reilly, “and leading the team into NVLS with a humble and respectful attitude.”

Sophie Scarlato

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