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The Rise of Wordle

Wordle, currently the most exciting game in the country, has taken Woodland Regional High School by storm. A game that involves a strong vocabulary and vast knowledge of words appeals to not only administrators, but hundreds of students. In fact, high school students are very much responsible for Wordle’s success as a game.

Wordle is a game in which players are given six guesses to guess any five letter word in the English dialect. The letters can either come up as gray, yellow, or green. Gray letters imply that that letter is not in the word, while a yellow letter implies that the letter is in the word just in the wrong spot. Finally, a green letter proves that the letter is in the word and in the correct spot. The types of words vary in difficulty and in popularity, raising the daily anticipation to complete the Wordle.

Much like the variety of words that are featured, the reasons for playing Wordle vary as well. Whether it is the thrill that comes with the guessing, or the educational benefits, Woodland students have been fully drawn into the game.

“I like Wordle because it teaches me new words and is like a little daily puzzle,” said sophomore Connor Cull.

There is also a competition aspect of the game that enhances its popularity even more. The idea of getting the daily word in the fewest amount of attempts, or in the quickest amount of time compared to your friends, adds a new level of excitement. Although those with a more vast vocabulary tend to succeed, everyone has the ability to perform well and guess the correct word in the six given tries.

Since the creation of Wordle, different games around the world have been created in an attempt to bring people the same excitement that is associated with Wordle. Some of these games include globle (guess the country), heardle (guess the song), and numberle (guess the number sequence).

No matter what interests one might have, there is no denying that Wordle provides both enjoyment and excitement, while improving vocabulary.

Bryce DiGiovanna

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